About Us

Integra International Consultants

Integra Educational Consultants is a well-known consultancy based in Hyderabad, India for the last 21 years. Our strong presence in the market is felt only through the students who have completed their studies and are making their careers. Our commitment is to show, guide, and assist the students who are strong in their studies and can make India proud. Our counselors will guide you in the right direction, considering your qualifications, finances, and the subject of interest. This will strongly help the student in making his/her career colorful.

Scholarships are one criterion we concentrate more on to help parents reduce the burden of financing for their wards. Not all countries and all courses offer scholarships. This is where we can show you the right path and the right course. Integra Consultants are best known for the services and opportunities that we offer students. Our main aim is to see the student achieve what he/she wants and settle in his/her dream career.

 We understand that the decision to pursue overseas education is crucial and critical, while it enhances one’s career prospects, it also opens up opportunities to experience and benefit from new cultures, customs, and ideas.

To cater to varying priorities and individual limitations, our trained and experienced counselors keep up-to-date with the latest courses offered in the international academic field. They provide a customized range of options to every student. The senior management continuously strives to identify the latest global career opportunities to ensure successful placement after completing studies.

 With years of experience serving a varied range of clientele, we hope to offer you even more improved and refined solution.

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